New Adventures

Having Good JuJu

Another new beginning to celebrate is underway in our friend Julie Rasmussen. The longtime Fullerton retailer brings goodjuju to the masses with her holistic health and wellness company. 

Check it out at

Amy Kawadler

Aymala Studio

I’ve always found that when you turn a corner it’s best to keep going. I cherish my past, but when I’m done with something, I’m done.  What I’ve left will always be there, whether I look back to it or not.

Looking back only reminds us of what we’ve left. It will be there, the same, whether we look or not. So I choose to look forward. 

That’s easier said than done of course. But for so many of us, satisfaction comes in the form of something new that breaks us free from the existence of old.

Amy Kawadler turned her corner a year ago, opening Aymala Studio for her hand made jewelry. She is an artist, a personality and supporter of others. 

Let’s visit her studio and support her journey.

— Davis

Recent Posts to Honor Orangethorpe Principal Frady

Dr. Ginger Frady, a principal at Orangethorpe Elementary School in Fullerton, CA, will be honored with the TeachRock Trailblazer Award during the “Stand With Teachers” fundraising event streaming on Monday, December 21

9-11 Memorial Cancelled due to Covid-19

The Townley house in Fullerton will skip year’s presentation of their 9-11 Memorial due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Always an impressive site, we will post a few images from past years


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