Be Creative, get Coffee

We’ve been busy. This week week we roasted beans from El Salvador, Burundi and Honduras. They’re all natural process, which means a considerably stronger plant-based flavor and less of a processed all-coffees-taste-the-sameness flavor. 

My favorite by far of this batch is the San Jacinto Typica from Honduras. It packs an intense aroma with floral notes of chocolate, nuts, frutiness and berry. 

Also, we have on deck beans from Vietnam, Tanzania and Brazil. They’r process washed, and though I just bagged on the method, the roast is a fine coffee flavor that traditionalists will love. 

El Salvador Las Cruzes Portillo

You need this. Click to order a bag or, if the price is too high, (more on that in a moment), trade something for it. Specifically, give us a creative work to post here on It can be a song, your actor’s reel, a short you performed in or a comedy bit you’re practicing or a piece of visual art. It doesn’t need to be polished or even done. But if you put yourself out there, we’ll back you up with a fresh bag of the best coffee you’ll have this week. 

You’ll still have to pay shipping, unless you’re close enough to to deliver it via bicycle. Or you can come by here and pick it up. Either way, we are social distancing. 

Now, as for the price of a bag. It’s a lot, I think, and I’m not convinced I would regularly buy it at this price. But here’s how I arrived at it: I take the cost of the green beans, add the cost of $15/hour labor to roast the beans, and then add a dollar to go towards equipment.  That’s it. 

Our capacity is small, which keeps the cost high. I’ve entertained the idea of buying a larger roaster, but the next size up starts around $10,000, so that ain’t happening anytime soon.  

So for now, chip in with cash or creativity. 


— Davis 

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