Congrats to us!

Nicaragua Limoncito

Congratulations to us!  Our first batch shipped this week, including a few local hand-deliveries.

This first run featured beans mostly from Central and South America. From Honduras we roasted some Finca Johelyta. From Nicaragua it was Limoncito Red Bourbon Natural. And from Costa Rica we roasted some tasty Sonora Red Catuai.

In each case we roasted to a dark medium tone, but a few folks asked for dark, so they got a high-gloss deep-black super dark. 

The reviews have been great so far. In fact, this one just came in: “My gawd, Davis! That’s one fine cup of coffee ☕️. I’m sitting in my garden now enjoying your creation… Bravo and thank you. Honey wash was the batch. 😎”


That’s from a guy around the corner, but most of the bags are shipped via US mail. And yikes, that cost a bunch. Perhaps I’ve had my head in the sand for too long, but I was stunned to learn that each box, with a mere 8 ounces of coffee inside, required $5.30 in postage!  

So, I gotta work on that by finding some lighter envelopes, pay postage from the comfort of my home office, or charge for postage. It will probably end up a combination of all three. 

Or I’ll decide to keep it all for myself. That’s only partially a joke, because I started roasting my own beans only because I thought I could make a better cup of coffee than anything store bought. And I was right. Starting or running a business selling it was never the goal. 

But if enough people like it and want more, I’ll do it.  Frankly, it’s my holiday candy that I thought people might pay money for. So I’ll add that to the mix later in the year.  

But that’s it for now. If you want a bag  for yourself, send me an email with your name, address, email and phone.  With any luck I’ll have an ordering option on this web space somewhere too. 

If you want to throw money in advance to cover shipping, and/or the beans themselves, I’m Davis Barber on Paypal, or you can use this link to Square.

The next batch of beans are from Brazil. If you can’t wait and need something right now, I highly highly recommend buying some from Joe at The Night Owl in downtown Fullerton (, or from Jon at Fullerton Roasters. Both offer great free-trade beans. 



Barney Farms
(714) 299-9638

One thought on “Congrats to us!

  1. Thanks!!! This coffee is excellent! Smooth and strong and perfectly balanced for all the flavor and none of the acid reflux! Perfection!

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